Program Results

The Financial Fitness Challenge yields extraordinary and proven results and delivers a high return on investment for employers and employees alike.

Program results are documented using a participant Financial Fitness Checkup that includes pre-testing and a survey along with course quizzes and post-testing and surveys.

Employer champions have access to real-time program and participant reports throughout the program, and the Educated Investor® team provides post-program analyzed results.

Participating organizations praise the program and cite the real benefits gained from improved employee knowledge and behavior, including increased employee confidence, well-being, loyalty and improved productivity and utilization of employee benefits.

Top-Line Program Results

  • Over 550 companies and their employees have completed roughly 300,000 hours of online financial education.
  • The program delivers up to 40% (or more)  improvement in financial knowledge measured through pre- and post-testing.
  • Up to 70% improvement is demonstrated in employee attitudes and behaviors such as establishing savings and investment goals; building a budget; building and creating a financial plan; increasing savings; and starting or increasing contributions to 401(k), IRA, FSA, HSA and other benefit plans.
  • The program has a high average completion rate of 60% of participants with a 91%+ satisfaction rating from employees and senior management.
  • 96% of participants say they would like to participate again.


“This program was very easy to set up for all of the participants.  The admin site kept me updated on how everyone was doing.  I can't think of any way to improve it.  The material made it quick and simple to champion this program.”

“I liked the fact that each participant could work at their own speed.  I found that the participants were spending their free time discussing the course work.

“Well run.  Well organized.  Nice schedule.  Weekly progress reports to individual participants that kept them informed.  Weekly progress reports to the champions to keep US motivated.  Great responsiveness from [the Financial Fitness Challenge team].”

“… the enhanced understanding of the benefits of saving and investing learned from the [Financial Fitness Challenge] courses has had a tremendous impact ….”

“The weekly emails to staff were extremely helpful in keeping our employees on track.  The reports also enabled me to see who needed extra prodding and where employees were having difficulty.”

“I would recommend the [Financial Fitness Challenge] program … because it provides impact both on a personal and a professional level. Personally, we can each take in the information and apply it to our daily lives.”


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